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How to pamper yourself for free - WIN a Lush Bella Fruta Set



Tired of feeling burnt out? I hear you! We're all so busy running around seeking the perfect balance between work and family life, and any additional commitments and hobbies on top of that - it feels impossible to squeeze in any 'me time'. 

I'm not sure about you, but I often have daydreams mainly revolving around having the time and money to afford the ultimate pampering experience, you know with robes, essential oils, spa bath, the whole deal! While this may seem out of reach for the time being, being on a budget doesn't have to mean you neglect yourself completely. 

I want to share with you some of the top ways to pamper yourself for free. Afterall, when you're trying to cut back and save money, you need some incentive, right? So join me and adopt a thrifty mentality by using what you already have to treat yourself to the ultimate free pampering session and check out our latest competition where you could win a Lush Bella Fruta Set to indulge yourself. 

So let's get started, here are your top ways to pamper yourself for free:

Declutter your house

Wait...WHAT? I know this isn't what you were expecting, pampering isn't supposed to involve any work! However, you can't possibly relax when your house is crying out for a decluttering cleanse - clear space = clear mind. Once you have sifted through your house, throwing away any unwanted items or rubbish, you can start to think about your wardrobe and beauty products.

Are you really going to use that last ounce of shower gel sitting in your bathroom cupboard? Does that dress seem any more flattering now than it did a year ago when you felt uncomfortable when you wore it? Didn't think so. Purge everything that doesn't sit right with you or have a happy place in your home anymore. If you're super savvy, you can even make some cash on your decluttering session.

Clean your bathroom

Again, same principles apply. You want to set the right mood for your relaxing pampering session and a dirty bathroom certainly doesn't help you unwind. Throw out any tubes of toothpaste or shampoo bottles that are practically empty and wipe everything down. Light a few candles, grab the bubble bath and you're good to go. 

Take a bubble bath

Once the candles have been lit and you've hit play on your relaxing playlist, sit back and completely unwind. Treat yourself to extra bubbles and maybe even a glass of wine. Lock the door to make sure you're not disturbed and breathe.  You could even try a LUSH Bathbomb if you really wanted to push the boat out...

Make a DIY face mask 

You don't have to blow a fortune on a posh face mask. You don't even have to spend a penny on high street cheap alternatives. You can make a mask bursting with homemade, natural goodness using products in your kitchen including fruit, vegetables, and even spoons? Yes, you read correctly. Check out our DIY Facials for some inspiration. 

Brush your hair 

You probably do this on a daily basis anyway, but I'm talking about brushing your hair nice and slowly. Thoroughly seek out those little tangles and banish them using your best brush. This will make it easier to blow dry and it will feel so much lighter. 

Give your scalp a massage

You don't need one of those funky looking tools for this, just use your hands to rub your scalp slowly. You can also rub your temples with your fingers. Even if it's just for five minutes, you will feel so refreshed afterwards, trust me. 

Massage your hands

Treat your hands to some of that posh hand cream that your distant relative gave you for Christmas which has just been sitting in your cupboard all year. Massage said cream into your hands to help them feel all soft and full of moisture. Perfect!

Give yourself an express manicure or pedicure

I'm so guilty of buying posh manicure kits and pushing them in the bathroom drawer and forgetting about them, oops! Anyone else? Last week, I dug mine out and treated myself to a free manicure. Even if you just have a bottle of pretty nail polish lying around, paint your nails and toenails, too. You can even find some wacky tips online like applying lip balm to nails. Not only will they look nicer but it's surprising how polished it makes you feel (excuse the pun!)

Cook something fancy 

I tend to buy expensive meat when it's on offer and freeze it for when we have guests, but why should they have all the fun? Cook yourself your favourite meal with ingredients you are saving today! Enjoy the fruits of your labour with your loved ones or even alone during some quality 'me time.' Don't forget to enjoy it with a cheeky glass of wine...

Add fruit to your beverage

An instant and refreshing pick-me-up, adding fruit to your beverage can also help flush out any unhealthy toxins. Add lemon or cucumber for an extra boost to your drink. 

Wear your favourite cosy socks

I have an instant pair of go to fuzzy socks that I slip on when I get home from work. The cosiness instantly hits me and I know it's time to relax. I know you're all thinking of your pair right now! If you're not, you definitely need to grab yourself a pair. Fluffy animals and novelty characters are welcome. 

Light scented candles everywhere in your home

Don't let the scented goodness end once you've finished your relaxing bath. Light scented candles everywhere in your home to lift your spirits and help your house smell magical. 

Drink a cup of tea in your fanciest cup 

I don't know why but drinking tea out of my favourite china cup and saucer as opposed to a regular everyday mug makes me feel so much more sophisticated and relaxed. It makes drinking tea an entirely new experience in your own home. Try it out sometime!

Sleep on fresh sheets 

There is something almost majestic about crawling into a bed with fresh sheets. Put a wash on before you run your bath and make your bed prior to bedtime to reduce the stress of doing it when you're tired and just want to collapse onto clean sheets. 

Treat yourself to an early night 

This is the cheapest and best pampering tip I can possibly give. I know this is a tough one when you have a family with kids or if your partner works on a different schedule to you, but treating yourself to an early night when you get the chance is the best way to pamper yourself. Especially after completing all of the above, you must be exhausted... 

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Good luck! Enjoy your pampering session, too. 

Collette xx