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How To Get A Free Blue Peter Badge


Want to get your hands on a free Blue Peter's badge? 

Blue Peter is one of the longest-running kids TV show and we've all had our favourite presenters and dog hosts too! 

If you or your little one is a fan of the show, you'll be no stranger to the infamous Blue Peter badges.  

These badges are awarded to people who appear on the television show OR in recognition of achievement.

With one of these special badges, you can gain free entry into theme parks, zoos, and castles.

Sounds amazing, right? 

There are over 200 Blue Peter Badge attractions in England so your chances of scoring one are very high. 

If you're between 6 and 15 years old then you're absolutely in with a chance!

Here's how to get your free Blue Peter Badge:

To get started, send a letter to Blue Petter, MediaCityUK, Salford, M50 2BH, e-mail bluepeter@bbc.co.uk or use the uploader message.

Include at least 50 words in length what Blue Peter badge you are applying for and why you think you should get one. 

What free Blue Peter Badge can I get? 

There are different types of Blue Peter badges to bag for yourself.

Here is the low down on each type of badge:

Blue Badge 

free blue peter blue badge

These are awarded for interesting letters, e-mails, stories, pictures, poems and good ideas.

You also get one of these if you've appeared on the show.

Once you've got a blue badge you can apply for a silver badge, but you can't be awarded more than one Blue Badge, unfortunately!

Diamond Badge

free blue peter diamond badge

These are super special badges, only awarded when you put extra effort and lots of detail into your application.

These are limited edition and only available in 2018 to celebrate Blue Peter's Big Birthday so get applying for one of these ASAP!

Green Badge 

free green blue peter badge

Green badges are awarded for letters and pictures about the environment, nature or conservation.

So if you're green fingered or love the environment, let them know about it!

Like the Blue Badge, you can only be awarded one of these.

Orange badge 

free blue peter orange badge

These free Blue Peter badges are awarded to runners-up and winners of Blue Peter competitions.

To have a chance of scoring one of these badges, keep entering Blue Peter comps! 

Purple badge 

free blue peter purple badge

Purple badges are awarded when you send in a review of your favourite episode.

Make sure you include lots of details of why you enjoyed it (or didn't) so much and they'll send you this bright badge!

awarded for sending in a review of an episode of the show.

Gold badge 

free gold blue peter badge

If you've managed to score yourself a free Gold Blue Peter Badge, you can pretty much guarantee envy from ALL of your mates!

These are awarded in exceptional circumstances for outstanding achievements, such as saving a life, showing bravery, courage, and citizenships.  

 Let us know if you win one!

Colleen xx