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Halloween Cat-mares

Halloween Cat-mares

So, with Halloween around the corner I've decided to get into the spirit of all things spooky and have made plans to attend a Halloween party - as a cat.

I've chosen a cat for the same reasons everyone chooses a cat (it's easy and I'm short of time) but after two days I am having a complete 'mare.

Usually I'm quite an invested fancy dresser (it's not fancy dress until somebody's paper mache-ed something...) but Halloween usually calls for something slicker.

I'm heading to a night called Fifty Shades of Lola which describes it's stylish venue as a "dark and seductive paradise" and continues "Come find your very own Mr. Grey amongst the zombies, witches and other ghouls". Which makes me assume a homemade pumpkin outfit, or Colleen's suggested Noel Edmonds ensemble (see previous post), wouldn't be appropriate nor appreciated. This semi-stylish events calls for dark, sinister, scary yet classy. 

Due to the theme, I figured it would be quite easy to pick up a decent cat costume from eBay or one of the hundreds of cheap fancy dress e-shops but I can't seem to find anything I like.

They're either....

A. ridiculously risque

B. PVS or p-leather

C. too risque and too comical


I want something that looks like I've made some effort but all the cat costumes I've found are either onesies or corset and skirts combos. Since when did cats wear tutus?

So, Colleen and I are going to put our DIY fancy dress skills to the test and going on a mission to make my own bargain/stylish cat costume. And before you say it, not it's not going to be a leggings, a black top and a pair of ears jobbie.

It will be amazing. Probably.

Have you got any ideas for my home-made cat outfit? Any amazing DIY suggestions will be appreciated. Or better still, if you come across any cat costumes online please send me a link!

Anushka x