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Great gift idea: Make a Personalised Photo Book today! 

Great gift idea: Make a Personalised Photo Book today! 

If you're looking for an extra special Christmas gift idea this year, then why not make your loved one a Personalised Photo Book?

I love taking photos with my phone or a digital camera, but they always seem to remain on my computer or in an album on Facebook. I recently discovered that it's easy to create personalised photo books and with Christmas coming up, it's also the perfect gift idea.

A couple I know have recently got a new cat - there are already lots of great photos of her on Facebook and I've decided to create a photo book all about her! You can make your personalised photo book about anything - holidays, babies - it's a great present that a loved one can keep on their coffee table or on the bookshelf to look at for years to come.

Blurb offers gorgeous printing and library-quality binding and have all the necessary tools to make:

  • Travel Books
  • Family Histories
  • Wedding Books
  • Baby Books
  • Pet Books
  • Cook Books

Why not see what you can make? It's free to use Blurb's book-making tools and there is no charge until you buy your book.. You can order one or several books and they will be with you in a week!

Colleen x