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Freebie Spotlight: Free Wilkinson Sword Razor 

Freebie Spotlight: Free Wilkinson Sword Razor 

The first freebie of 2014 and it's a good 'un! 

This morning postie brought me this free Wilkinson Sword Hyrdo 5 razor - hurrah! This freebie was from a few months ago when they were giving away thousands of free personalised razors on their Facebook page. 

I got mine personalised for a friend - shame Christmas is over but I'll save it for their next birthday. 

This freebie took a while to arrive but it goes to show that freebies can take a few weeks or months to turn up! Needs a bit of patience but it's a nice little surprise when they do finally make their way to you.

This wasn't the first time Wilkinson Sword gave away free razors so make sure you give the Wilkinson Sword Facebook page a 'Like', and sign up to the MagicFreebies newsletter to keep up to date with all the latest free stuff.

Anushka x

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