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Freebie Finder of the Week: Wendy

Freebie Finder of the Week: Wendy

We want to find out more about our Freebie Finders, so we will be conducting a series of interviews which we will feature in our blog!

Today you will meet Wendy, our Freebie Finder of the Week. Wendy was picked from the MagicFreebiesUK Facebook group for giving us an excellent top tip for saving at the supermarket:

"We always do our main shop on a Saturday, so that gives us throughout the week to find as many vouchers as we can for freebies and money off products we save about £10-£15 a week on our shop then whatever products we get i make meals out of them."

Hello there! What’s your name and where are you from?

Hi, my name is Wendy and I’m from Swansea, South Wales.

How long have you been visiting MagicFreebiesUK?
I have been visiting Magic Freebies for about 2 years now.

What has been the best freebie you’ve received?
The best freebie I have ever received was a 75ml bottle of Aura Swarovski perfume, which was a recent win which I’ve put a way for Christmas.

What’s your favourite part about the MagicFreebiesUK website (apart from the freebies of course!) and why?
I love to enter the competitions on MagicFreebiesUK, I’ve yet to win but it’s the excitement I get wondering if I will win.

What’s your top tip for new Freebie Fans?
My top tip for new freebie fans would be to make sure that they check the site on a daily basis, the earlier the better because some freebies tend to run out fast as they are limited sometimes.

If you could give away any freebie, what would it be?
If I could give away any of my freebies it would have to be my jar of Marmite, you either love it or hate it.

Thanks for taking your time to let us interview you Wendy!

Colleen x