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Free Shower Head!


Greasy hair? I've got the freebie for you...

A few weeks ago, overnight, my hair became extremely greasy. I hadn't changed my shampoo, the frequency I washed it, my diet or even my detergent! 

I limited the amount of product I used and how often I washed my hair, but it was still just a mop of grease. After a bit of internet research, I discovered this sudden change could be down to hard water build-up! I live in a hard water area and I read that the minerals in the water could have built-up inside the shower head, possibly causing the water to react badly with the chemicals in haircare products. 

I gave it a good clean, but my poor shower head had been in use for several years and had seen better days. I decided to replace it with the free shower head you can get from Thames Water. This freebie has been around for a while, but I've never needed to claim one until now.

This nice big shower head arrived just a week later. It's a water-saving one which reduces the amount of water that comes out of the head. You don't notice this due to the strategically placed holes, though.

Almost overnight my hair was back to it's normal state and I've been happily grease-free since. Now, I can't be too sure on the exact science of how hard water - or soft water  - can effect your hair, but this worked for me.

If you also have a hard water build-up then why not consider getting your free shower head from Thames Water.

Anushka x

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