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Free Clothes - Host a Clothing Swap Party!

Free Clothes - Host a Clothing Swap Party!

Have you ever been to or hosted a Clothing Swap party? It's a brilliant way to get lots of beautiful new additions to your wardrobe, without having to pay a thing!

What first?
Send out an e-mail to your friends, here's an example for you:

"Hello friends! I haven't a stitch to wear at the moment and here's where you come in.

I'm hosting a fun Clothing Swap party at my house and I need you to join me and bring any unwanted clothes.

Please feel free to invite any of your friends - the more clothes available the better!"

The rules!
Once your friends reply to your e-mail, send them back a copy of the rules:

1. For every item that you contribute you are welcome to take one item from someone else.

2. Please bring a minimum of 5 items, these can be clothing, jewellery, shoes or accessories.

3. If two people want the same item, coins must be tossed."

What next?
Make sure your chosen party room is full of places where your friends can show off their unwanted clothes - tables, chairs - anything you can drape them over. Grab some nibbles and bottles from the supermarket or let your friends know that they must bring food and drink with their clothes to help you out.

Enjoy your party and your new clothes - don't forget to let me know how it turns out!

Colleen x