Collection Lasting Gel Colour - Read our Review!

Collection Lasting Gel Colour - Read our Review!

Last week I tried out Collection's new Lasting Gel Colour, an affordable alternative to a gel manicure. Read my review here...

With a holiday fast approaching I've been mulling over whether to get a professional gel manicure. I really fancy the ease of not having to worry about chipped nails or lugging my nail polish abroad, but I haven't been able to bring myself to booking it in. It's very expensive and I can't help but feel £50 could be spent more wisely. Like on shoes and cocktails...

Whilst browsing the aisles of Superdrug for holiday miniatures I stumbled across Collection's new Lasting Colour Gel - an affordable alternative to a gel manicure. At only £3.19 a bottle I figured it was definitely worth trying. It's 3 for 2 across all cosmetics at Superdrug at the moment so I also nabbed two bottles of their Bedazzled Nails for good measure.

It was difficult to choose between the 15 shades but if I were having a pro-mani then I'd go for a classic shade so went for pillar-box 'Red Hot'. With the help of a trimmer, cuticle stick, file and nail oil I shaped and smoothed my nails into shape and applied the polish.

The first thing I noticed about Collection's Lasting Gel Colour was the very wide brush applicator which are commonly found on more expensive brands. The brush helped deliver an even distribution of polish and I was able to cover each nail with two strokes. I like to get right to the edge of the cuticle to make it look as professional as possible but it was a tad fiddly with the bigger brush.

I applied two coats in quick succession. It looked very dense and intense in colour yet didn't take too long to dry. I'd say less than ten minutes and not a single smudge - no mean feat.

Usually I'd always finish with a topcoat but Collection advise there's no need. They claim the gel technology will give a high shine finish and provide a protective layer so I went without and true to their word my nails did look very glossy - even when set.

I've had professional gel nails done before and I'd say the Collection polish created a pretty identical look! The colour was intense, evenly spread and really shiny - exactly what you'd hope from a professional manicure.

I wore the nail polish for three days and it didn't chip at all. The only two downsides were I noticed the shine faded a little by day three and when I took the polish off I had to scrub very hard with the nail polish remover. 

Final verdict: Easy to apply, fast drying, professional looking finish and long-lasting. 5 Stars!

I'm chuffed I gave this nail polish a go before splurging on a professional gel manicure. It's always nice to have a treatment but it's an even better feeling when you can achieve the same look for a fraction of the cost! More money in the holiday piggy bank - hurrah for budget beauty and three cheers for Collection.

If you'd like to try this nail polish for free then Superdrug are giving away 100 free bottles so be sure to visit the Superdrug Competition page! If you also skip over to the Collection Website at the moment you can enter to win 1 of  100 free samples of their New Colour Pro Intense Lip Lacquer.

Anushka x