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Clean with lemons! 

Clean with lemons! 

Why not pick up some lemons and make your home clean and sparkly?

Where I live, we have hard water, which means mineral deposits building up around my taps and shower. I decided to finally stop thinking about it and actually do something, so I grabbed my lemons and cut them in half.

Using a plastic zipbag I wedged the half-lemon on the end of the tap and held it up using the zipbag and my trusty all-purpose elastic band.With the other lemon-half I set to work on the shower taps, shower-head and shower doors. Within seconds my taps were shiny and bright! After removing the half-lemon which had been attached to my tap for a couple of hours, I could easily clean the rest of the mineral build up and hey presto - a clean and sparkly tap!

Other uses for lemons:

  • polish your hardwood floors
  • clean and shine metals
  • disenfect work surfaces and chopping boards
  • polish furniture
  • clean dishes

Why don't you give it a go?

Colleen x