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Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

Got a fancy dress party to attend and can't think what to go as? Cast your eyes down to these great homemade ideas...

You need some scissors, an old white t-shirt, cardboard, paints.

  1. Paint coloured circles onto an old t-shirt, just like a Twister mat.
  2. Cut out a square of cardboard and draw a Twister board on the front. You could even print one out.

Noel Edmonds - Deal or No Deal
You need a cardboard box, glue, scissors, string, paint and some paper.

  1. Print out a copy of Noel Edmond's face and attach it to some cardboard - attach some string into two holes on either side, tie a not in both ends and hey presto you've got yourself a mask
  2. Next locate a cardboard box big enough for you to fit in. Paint it bright red and print out any number from 1-22. Put strings either side so you can get into the box and hang it from your shoulders.
  3. Wear a Noel style shirt and you're done!

Mad Hatters Tea Party
You need some scissors, felt tips, an old sheet and cardboard.

  1. First you must make your hat. Find out how to here. Then decorate it with a scarf or anything else you can find. True Alice in Wonderland fans can attach a piece of paper which reads "In this style 10/6".
  2. Grab your sheet and put a hole in the middle of it, big enough for your head to fit through. Put your head through it and work out where you need to cut your arm holes.
  3. Grab your felt tips and start drawing! Think delicious cakes, sandwiches, tea pots - anything you'd have at a tea party.


Hope you like these ideas! If you have anymore, please let me know,

Colleen x