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Care for your hair this winter

Care for your hair this winter

It's chilly at the moment and you might not realise it but your hair may need some extra care.

Greasy or dry?
First identify whether your hair is greasy or dry, then you can determine how much you should shampoo your locks. If your hair is dry, only shampoo it once a week and if it is greasy, shampoo three times a week.

Condition your hair.
Try using a deep conditioning treatment to give your hair the extra strength it needs. Those woolly hats and hoods may keep you warm in the cold, but your hair doesn't like it and may break with all the static build up.

Be patient.
Try to minimise the use of hot items on your hair - blow dryers and straighteners will dry out your hair. Take your time when blow-drying, it may take a bit longer to get ready, but your hair will be thankful you were patient. If you use straighteners make sure you apply leave-in conditioner first.

Suffering from static?
My hair is constantly static in the cold weather because of the dry air. To combat this you can use oils such as Morroccanoil which smooths the hair cuticle and replenishes lost moisture.

Enjoy the hair tips!

Colleen x