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Buy Nothing Day!

Buy Nothing Day!

Implement this annual event into your life and save money this January...

I have just read about Buy Nothing Day - an annual event usually held the fifth Sunday before Christmas - where people are encouraged not to spend anything that day. 

The aim of Buy Nothing Day is to highlight the environmental consequences of consumerism. It's also to remind ourselves that there is more to life that materialism and buying things!

I think this is a fantastic idea and shouldn't just be once a year. I often try to go for a day or two without spending money but if you make it a weekly event and be strict with yourself you could save yourself a lot of money.

So why not try it out? Lock up your wallets and purses, stash away your credit card and ditch the high street. Whether it's one day a week or even one week a month - promising to not spend any money can be a fantastic challenge and cut your costs in what is the most skint month of the year!

I'll be trying it this weekend with my very own Buy Nothing Weekend. I'll be eating the food I already have in my kitchen cupboards, meeting up with family and maybe even doing some exercise...testing out the old theory that the best things in life are indeed free!

Of course what's so great about Buy Nothing Day is, it'll give you an extra incentive to find some fantastic freebies

Anushka x