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Brilliant Beauty Tricks

Brilliant Beauty Tricks

The average woman spends nearly £2,000 a year on their appearance but with a few nifty tips and tricks you can make your beauty products last longer - and keep your costs down!

Here are my top tips for making your products last longer...

1. Bulk up your body scrub - Is your tub running out? Make it go further by topping it up with brown sugar and olive oil or honey.

2. Give tubes the snip - If you can't squeeze any more product out of your tube, simply snip off the end and you'll be shocked at how much is still left inside! Use this trick on anything that comes in a tube - lip balm, toothpaste, hand cream etc.

3. Use every last drop of perfume - When you reach the last few drops of perfume, pour the remainder into an unscented moisturiser or body wash to get the most out of it. You'll get to enjoy the scent for much longer!

4. Ration your shampoo - Most women use far too much shampoo and conditioner. Not only does this make your hair greasier faster but it wastes valuable product. Hairdressers recommend you use a 50 pence sized amount. To help limit your usage, decant a week's worth of product into small travel-sized bottles and keep them in the bathroom.

5. Transform lipstick to lip gloss - When your lipsticks are almost finished (or if you just get bored of the colour!) cut off the stubs, melt them down in the microwave and pour in a tin. Voilà - a homemade lip gloss!

Do you have any great money-saving beauty tips?  I'd love to hear them.

Anushka x