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Benefits of Ginger Tea!

Benefits of Ginger Tea!

It seems I'm always on a never-ending mission to eat healthily, lose weight and banish the bloat. I feel like I've tried everything going but this weekend my diet prayers were finally answered as I discovered the wonders of Ginger Tea.

Last week my dear old father suffered an intolerance reaction to some Italian cheese (apparently he wasn't aware ravioli had cheese in it - likely story) which resulted in both a bad tummy and a sore throat, which then developed into a cold.

My dad is already on a lot of medication so I decided to look up what natural health remedies were available instead. Search after search, Google kept throwing ginger tea at me so I decided it was worth trying out. Apparently, ginger has been used as a natural health remedy for centuries with research proving it's medicinal prowess. It's claimed a few slices of ginger can stop a brewing cold in it's tracks, ease morning sickness and even prevent the big C. 

It's also known to soothe a sore throat, clear a runny nose and help the digestive tract thus settling a bad tum - perfect for the patient in question. As for me, well I was keen to seen if it would have any stomach-flattening effects after an intense weekend of carb-ladden roast dinners and eating my body weight in Cadbury Giant Chocolate Buttons.

We both had a cup in the evening and then again the next morning before breakfast, and funnily enough my dad felt heaps better. His stomach had settled, sore throat felt soothed and his serious case of the snots had subsided which was great news. But, the best news was that the uncomfortable bloated feeling that had been plaguing me forever was completely GONE. Infact I'll go as far as to say I felt healthier and trimmer than I have in a long time.

As a big green tea drinker I am always clinging on to the promise that it helps get rid of toxins but even though I drink buckets of the stuff I never seem to feel any better for it. With ginger tea though, I felt instantly refreshed and light. The sluggish feeling I had was gone and the next morning my stomach was much flatter  - I'm presuming the ginger has an effect on water retention.

I've now been drinking ginger tea every morning and evening, having ditched the green tea. Ginger tastes so much better than the bitter taste of green and neither has it got that offensive fishy smell. Colleen has been drinking pre-breakfast warm water and lemon after reading that it helps flush out the system, so I've taken to adding a slice of lemon to my ginger tea to give it an extra boost. If you'd like to try it for yourself then follow this easy recipe:

Ingredients to serve 2:

I inch-long ginger piece, peeled and finely sliced

2 cups of water

2 slices of lemon

Bring two cups of water to the boil in a saucepan then add the ginger.

Simmer for ten minutes then switch off the heat. Let it steep for 5 minutes.

Pour into two mugs and add a slice of lemon to each.

Some recipes online tell you to sieve the mixture but I prefer drinking it with the ginger in the cup. You can also add some brown sugar to sweeten but don't put too much in, after all you still want to reep all the positive effects from it!

Anushka x