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5 ways to get rid of slugs

5 ways to get rid of slugs

If you've got mischievous slugs chomping your precious homegrown lettuce then read on to find out some nifty ways of making them stop.

Keep it natural
Encourage birds, hedgehogs and frogs to your garden. You'll soon find they've all been eaten. You could even consider keeping some hens - they will clear the ground of any slugs!

Set up barriers
Crushed egg shells, sawdust and wood-chips are a recipe for slug discomfort. There's nothing worse then travelling over sharp and bumpy terrain - the slugs will hate it and give up.

Old beer
Slugs love yeast, so get yourself a container and fill it with old beer. Once the slugs are attracted to it, they will fall in and won't be able to get out.

Caffeine kick
Strangely caffeine reduces a slugs appetite. Put coffee around the base of your plant and they won't be interested.

Red plants
Slugs hate red-leaved plants such as Swiss Chard. Plant them around the border of your flower bed.

Have you got any more tips?

Colleen x