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5 new uses for your hair dryer

5 new uses for your hair dryer

That hair dryer you use every day isn't just for hair - you'll soon be looking at it in a whole new light!

1. Dust those hard-to-reach areas
Attack shelves and corners with a hair dryer and blow all the dust off surfaces.

2. Remove candle wax spills
Blow-dry the stains on high heat until the wax melts - then wipe it off with a sponge!

3. Use to do de-crease plastic tablecloths
Blast hot air on any wrinkles to get rid of them. Remember to hold the dryer 12 inches away from the cloth.

4. Unstick a photograph
Are your photos stuck to your photo album? Use your hair dryer to blow warm air on the back of the photo and slowly peel it off.

5. Set icing or frosting
Cool air will help harden your icing and hot air brightens a dull glaze!


Have you got any tips for using your hairdryer?

Colleen x