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5 easy ways to lose that winter weight


Check out these 5 easy ways to lose that winter weight

The festive season was fantastic, full of sausage rolls, leftover turkey sandwiches and an endless supply of chocolate. Indulgence has its price and if I'm honest with myself, I could do with losing a few / many pounds. Here are my top 5 tips...

1. Keep a Food Diary
Any excuse to buy a beautiful new notebook is fine by me. Start noting down what you eat every day into a Food Diary. When you keep a diary you become quickly aware of how much, what and why you are eating and you'll get a chance to see where you can cut down the calories. If it's easier, keep track on your phone, taking care to note down the time, food amount eaten and degree of hunger. Hopefully patterns will emerge and you will find out when unhealthy foods are most likely to be consumed and begin to address this.

2. Drink more water
If you're like me, you've probably read time and time again that you need to drink more water when you're trying to lose some weight. But why? It turns out it's not the water consumption that affects weight loss - it's the fact that your body often gets confused as between hunger and thirst. The more hydrated you are, the less likely you are to overeat. Start drinking a glass of water before every meal - studies have shown that those who drink water before eating a meal consumed less calories and saw an improvement in weight loss.

3. Eat breakfast
I know all too well that skipping breakfast is a quick way to overeating at lunchtime. Too often I've purchased crisps and chocolate bars, because my blood sugar is low and I need energy. Eating a protein rich breakfast can help cravings be reduced, so stock up on eggs which will fill you up and keep you filled up until lunchtime. Why not check out my recipe for Perfect Scrambled Eggs? Enjoy!

4. Toilet Squats
A member of the Magic Freebies team swears by Toilet Squats. It's simple really - every time you go to the toilets, start doing some squats! Start with 5 squats and build up to more - it's a quick way for you to do a full body exercise and get into a routine.

5. Stare at Blue things
Did you know that the colour blue functions as an appetite suppressant? This is why you won't see many fast-food places decorated in this colour. Try it out for yourself - eat dinner of blue plates, cover your table with a blue tablecloth and wear blue clothes!

If you've got any tips you'd like to share, I'd love to hear them! I need all the help I can get...

Colleen x