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5 easy ways burn off 100 calories

5 easy ways burn off 100 calories

If you're wanting to start doing some excercise and burn off the calories I've got some easy suggestions...

This is a fun easy way to burn 100 calories in 15 minutes. Play all your favourite songs and have a boogie around your living room!

If you're not into hardcore exercise then swimming might be for you. It's easy on the joints and improves strength and you will burn 100 calories in just 14 minutes.

Walk the dog
Grab your dog or a neighbours dog and head to the park. If you walk at 4 miles an hour you will easily burn 100 calories in just 18 minutes.

Go bowling
What? Such a fun activity can burn off calories? Yes can! In 27 minutes of bowling with your friends you can burn off 100 calories. Just don't go reaching for the bowling alley snacks when you think nobody is looking.

Grab your skipping rope and head out into your garden or any open space. In just 8 minutes you can burn 100 calories!

Good luck everyone, hope you found this useful!

Colleen x