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5 easy tips to boost your health

5 easy tips to boost your health

If you're looking to get healthy then there are some easy changes you can make. You just have to be brave and stick to them!

Stay away from salt and fat
Too much salt and fat in your diet can cause major illnesses such as stroke, diabetes and heart disease. If you're a fan of salty chips and crisps, it's time to start saying no.

If you find yourself getting stressed from work, you need to take time in your life to relax and unwind. Exercise can help you feel stronger physically and mentally - consider going on a nice walk or doing some star jumps.

Get some sleep
If you're not getting enough sleep, this may be affecting your work, relationships and delay illness recovery. Turn your bedroom into the ultimate relaxation zone - no television, no looking at mobile phones just before sleeping and no distractions. You will have to train your body to stick to a bedtime schedule. A warm bath may help, as may light yoga stretches.

Regular exercise helps to make you feel your best. Even if it's a small amount of time - a brisk walk or light jog - you'll lower the risk of major chronic diseases such as stroke, coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes by up to 50%.

Eat well
Fruit and vegetables can help lower your risk of health problems. It might be hard at first, but try getting your five-a-day. This fantastic 5 A Day NHS Guide will help you get to grips with this.

Have you got any tips on getting healthy? Please share with us!

Colleen x