Free Nescafé Instant Latte

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Coffee lovers listen up - this freebie is for you! Nescafé are promoting a fantastic new cashback offer on their new My Way Latte range of instant coffee.

The Nescafé Azera brand has gone from strength to strength since its launch, with the silver tin of the black stuff being a staple of UK homes, perfect for any coffee lovers who want a quick but authentically rich cup of coffee in the comfort of their own home. Now, Nescafé are branching out by launching a new latte variant of their Azera instant coffee, so you can taste the café classic without needing to step foot into a café! 

Not only will this save you heaps of change, but you can save even more by using this fantastic cashback offer and getting your tin for free! Just click our pink button to register on Nescafé's website to be one of the 1,500 lucky folks to grab their free My Way Latte. Hurry, because once they're gone, they're gone!