Free M&Ms Bundle

Calling all M&M fans! If you pick up one of these sweet treats in promotional packaging, you'll be able to enter this comp to win one of 84,910 fantastic prizes:

  • Galaxy or Galaxy Minstrels
  • M&M’s Block, M&M’s Chocolate, M&M’s Crispy, M&M’s Peanut or M&M’s Salted Caramel
  • Maltesers or Maltesers Buttons
  • Milky Way
  • Revels
  • Skittles Chewies, Skittles Fruits, Skittles Giants or Skittles Sours
  • Starburst Original

Here are the prizes:

  • 10 x Home Cinema Systems inc. a TV and Soundbar
  • 2,900 Amazon Fire Sticks (in the form of a £50 Amazon gift card
  • 2,000 M&M bundles inc. 2 x t-shirts, 2 x cushions, 2 x pairs of socks and 4 x packs of chocolate
  • 80,000 coupons for a free pack of sweets

If you have your promotional pack already, click our Claim Mine Now button below and enter the last four digits of the barcode to find out if you're a winner.

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