Free Higgidy Pie

Higgidy Pies are giving away 100 FREE Pies every month - these sound delicious!

You can choose from their amazing, unique selection of pies and quiches, including Chicken Pot Pie with Ham & Leek, British Beef, Stilton & Sussex Ale Pie, Slow Cooked Steak & Red Wine Pie, the list goes on! 

Follow the link now to register your details and if you're selected, they'll send you a voucher to claim at your local supermarket. Which one will you go for? I think we'll have a hard time choosing here! 

Don't forget, you can even find Higgidy Pies recipes on their website, in addition to other tasty delights. Sign up today by clicking the link and claiming your free pie. We've got everything crossed for you all! 

If you love free food, why not nab a free drink to wash it down? Whether it’s canned or bottled, if it’s free, we’ve got it!