Free Bottle of Becks Beer

Unfortunately, the offer you were looking for has now expired. Sorry!

Been feeling a bit Blue this week? Turn that frown upside down with this fab freebie from Becks. Get claiming your FREE bottle of alcohol-free Becks beer.

Whether you're taking part in Dry January, or are just trying to cut back a bit on your alcohol intake Becks alcohol-free beer will be perfect for you. It's just as refreshing as regular beer, but had much less of an impact on your head!

Your unique voucher code can be redeemed at any Mitchell & Butler pub, opening up lots of doors for where you can have yours! Follow the link below now to sign up for your free voucher code and to see where your nearest bar is.

Sign up for your voucher and it'll be sent to your email inbox. Hurry though, you've only got until the 27th to redeem. Enjoy!