Free £20 Cash from Lucozade - 2,000 Available

Lucozade are giving away loads of fabulous prizes in their Zero Losers campaign!

Simply buy a promotional product from the list:

  • Lucozade Zero Pink Lemonade 900ml
  • Lucozade Zero Pink Lemonade 500ml
  • Lucozade Zero Pink Orange 500ml
  • Lucozade Zero Tropical 500ml
  • Lucozade Zero Pink Lemonade Multipack 4x380ml
  • Lucozade Zero Tropical 4x380ml

Hit our pink button, select your country & hit 'Enter' to fill up the form with your details. You'll need the barcode so hang on to the packaging of your product.

Prizes include:

  • 10x £5,000
  • 1000x £250
  • 2,000x £20
  • 3,500x £5
  • 100,000x £2.00 Product Coupon
  • 6,562,634x Digital Frame