Free 100% Cashmere Gloves

Are you revamping your wardrobe in time for the fast approaching autumn & winter months? Well then this is just the freebie for you! Thanks to the lovely people at Turtle Doves, you can trade in your old cashmere in exchange for a FREE pair of gloves. Read on to find out how...

When we've shrunk an item in the wash, or our knitwear has been attacked by moths, it can be incredibly frustrating to know what to do next. Most of us just donate old items we can no longer wear to charity, but this is much better! If you still love your cashmere item but can no longer use it as it is, why not send it into Turtle Doves to be upcycled into something useful?

If your cashmere item is 100% cashmere and has been freshly laundered and meets the measurement requirements, it will be turned into a pair of Turtle Dove gloves. Simply pay £3 postage. Amazing!

Just pay P&P