Our Most Useful Freebies (& how you can get them too)


Freebies come in all different shapes, sizes and types, but they have one thing in common: how handy they are!

Whether it's a free sample of a perfume that you carry around in your purse, a free packet of dog food for your furry friend or a free takeaway coffee, there's always a new great freebie at Magic Freebies UK.

We recently asked our trusted freebie finders what their most useful freebie has been. The answers were varied and wonderful.

Check out the responses here: 

Be like Paul & save money with free stuff for your pets

Freebie finder Paul, his dog Wilf and his free dog food

If you, like Paul Gun, have a furry friend, then you're in luck!

There are always lots of pet freebies up for grabs.

Get a range of delicious pet treats delivered straight to your door. After all, it's not just you that loves a freebie!

"I applied for the Tails.com offer back in July 2015 (when you got a month's free trial for £1 delivery, you only get 2 weeks now). I don't drive, so having a months worth of dog food delivered is nothing short of brilliant! Plus with the subscription, you never run out of food and have to go to a shop and lug it back home. You just have to enter a few details, breed/weight/age etc and the food is tailor-made to your dog."

Want free stuff for your pet? Check out Magic Freebies UK's Free Stuff For Pets section now.

Sign up to be a product tester like Lyndsey & get free stuff

Lyndsey has received several handy freebies and is sharing her two favourites ones with us: Persil Detergent Pods and her red Cougar lipstick.

Pack of Persil washing pods

Lyndsey received her Persil Pods through BzzAgent. You might be wondering:

What's BzzAgent?

BzzAgent is a word-of-mouth marketing company, that encourages people to share their honest opinions about new products with their friends and family.

We all like to check reviews of a product before we buy something, otherwise, how do you know it's any good?

To help get word-of-mouth spreading on new products, BzzAgent invites people (just like you!) to test out products for free. All they ask for in exchange is an honest review.

BzzAgents receive products that are suited to them and their everyday needs. Lyndsey was lucky enough to be asked to trial these Persil Pods.

"The Persil Pods I got through Bzzagent in around December, they have replaced my usual brand. They're fabulous for cleaning and keep the laundry so fresh it's unbelievable!"

Woman holding red Cougar lipstick to her face

Makeup freebies are always super popular with our freebie finders, and they're a hit in the Magic Freebies offices too!

Foundation is a common makeup freebie. Get yourself colour-matched by a professional makeup artist and take home a free sample to try for yourself.

Another great way to get makeup freebies is by signing up to be a product tester. One of our favourites is the Glamour Beauty Club - get personalised beauty freebies sent to your door, for free! Get started now and sign up for free.

This Cougar lipstick went down a storm in November 2017.

"I got my Cougar lipstick in January. I'd seen people rave about it the first time it was on offer as a freebie, I was dubious at first but I'm so glad I bought one! 24 hours really does mean 24 hours! It dries in about 20 seconds and then it's stuck there until some divine intervention (or a burger) takes it off!"

Want to start getting makeup freebies for yourself? Take a look at our Free Health & Beauty Stuff section now... 

Free cinema tickets? Steffi gives us the lowdown

Hand holding 2 cinema tickets for Pitch Perfect 3 at Cineworld

Everyone likes going to the cinema to catch the latest blockbuster. But the prices can be astronomical!

Freebie finder Steffi Franke has found a way to make a trip to the pictures absolutely free.

As part of her Lloyds Bank account membership, Steffi receives 6 free Cineworld tickets a year for any movie she likes.

"They come via email and I just print them out. I've never had any issues using the vouchers and have enjoyed a range of movies that way. My boyfriend and I usually go for comedies, action or drama. The last film we watched together was 'Pitch Perfect 3' which we both enjoyed a lot!"

Susan saved £35 with her useful freebie

Samples of grass on outdoor patio with blue plastic chair

One the best perks of a freebie is when you're saved money that you would have otherwise spent.

This is what happened with freebie finder Susan Mathews.

Ordering grass samples saved her £35 in October 2017. She had a corner in her garden that she wanted to cover and after seeing grass samples on Magic Freebies UK, Susan ordered some instead of paying for gravel. She's very happy with the result!

Be like Linda & apply for free perfume samples

Collection of 7 perfume samples

Perfume samples are another Magic Freebies fave. Stock up on all the latest fragrances and keep them in your purse or at work. You never know when you might need them!

Linda gets her perfume samples from Magic Freebies UK. She sometimes uses them as a thank you gift, or just keeps them for herself. She applies for all the samples as they usually come from well-known brands (and are expensive to buy!).

Love it or hate it, everyone loves free food!

Two samples of Marmite and a 50p off coupon

Heather William's first freebie was very useful for her morning toast.

Whether you're a lover or a hater, everyone loves free food! There are loads of easy ways to reduce your shopping bill and get your hands on all sorts of free food.

Cashback apps like Shopmium and CheckoutSmart are regularly updated with new items, which are either free or for a significantly reduced price. Sign up, purchase the item at a participating store, take a pic of your receipt and the amount will be transferred back to your account. It's so easy!

Get free full-sized products through product testing trials

Pack of Persil washing pods

Mrs Farmahan successfully applied for the Persil Pods BzzAgent campaign back in November 2017.

"Persil colour protect & enhancer wash has been great to use. Not only can I wash bright colours together, the pod is 3 in 1 with liquid detergent and conditioner included. I haven't used my own detergent or fabric conditioner for more than a month now. It works great and the clothes smell fresh for days."

It's free to sign up to BzzAgent, so why not give it a go now?

Are you feeling inspired/jealous of our Freebie Finders?!

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Do you have a favourite handy freebie and would like to be added to this list? Get in contact now!

Alex xx