Free Household Stuff - How To Get Freebies for your Home


I love a good household freebie. Don't get me wrong, free beauty samples and skincare are all nice, but it's so handy to get your hands on some free household stuff that you can actually make good use of.

I'm sure you'll agree!

From cleaning products to toiletries and everything in between, here is how to get freebies for your home.

Test household products for free

Testing household products for free in exchange for a freebie is probably the best way to get your hands on free stuff. You get a full-sized freebie and it doesn't take too long for you to give your feedback, either.

There are a number of sites waiting to get your feedback on products from Dyson vacuums, Herbal Essences and loads more.

There are quite a few sites where you can get free household stuff, but here are some of my favourites:

  • Super Savvy Me
  • Trybe
  • Bzzagent
  • The Insiders
  • Home Tester Club
  • Trnd

Simply sign up and when they email a new campaign, answer their survey and questions and you might be sent a free product to review.

How exciting!

Once you've gotten over all that buzz of getting something for free, make sure you actually give feedback on the product.

This only takes minutes to complete and is usually a quick survey. Remember, completing these will give you more opportunities to get accepted in the future.

I've written a post about how to get free stuff, (LINK) which explains product testing sites in more detail.


free products to try in the supermarket

Pick up 'try me for free' products in store

Have you ever seen these in the supermarket? Lots of people just walk by 'tree me for free' campaigns in supermarkets, or they pick up the product and throw away the tags, without taking advantage of these fab offers. So sad!

The deal with 'try me for free' campaigns is you can pick up your item in-store and upload your receipt and sometimes a code on the tag.

It's so easy! These are often new products or an existing brand's new range and could be featured on anything so keep your eyes peeled.

I've sniffed out freebies this way including:

  • Free Marigold cleaning rubber gloves
  • Free Cranberry juice
  • Free A2 Milk (so much nicer than your average semi-skimmed!)

And a few more bits and bobs on my travels. Like I said, it's all about looking around on your next trip to your supermarket.

Top tip: make sure you check T&Cs of the offer online because sometimes products picked up without a tag or in certain stores won't be accepted.

Cashback apps

I absolutely love cashback apps, they've helped me save a ton of money and cut down my weekly food bill and they can do the same for you.

Get loads of freebies and free money-off coupons when you download the following free apps:

  • CheckoutSmart
  • Shopmium
  • Quido ClickSnap
  • TopCashback Snap and Save
  • Green Jinn

These are very easy to use. Once you've downloaded your free app:

  1. Add your favourite looking items to your basket
  2. Head to your nearest supermarket and pick up the item
  3. Snap a pic of your receipt on the app and they'll reward 100% cashback to your app

Not only can you get food and drink freebies, you can also get amazing discounts on household items like Ecover cleaning products, shampoo and shower gel, and loads more.

Win household products for your family

Competitions are everywhere! If you're new to the world of comping, check out my guide on how to win free stuff now. LINK

You can start by checking out our competition page, where we list the latest competitions. Then, look on supermarket sites themselves like Asda's competition page, Sainsbury's freebies and competitions and Waitrose, who have loads of comps running all the time.

Also following brands on social media and looking out for social media giveaways in your feed is a great way of finding competitions. Twitter hashtags like #RTtowin and #WinitWednesday are also filled with competitions from your favourite household brands and companies.

I've won aprons, lunch boxes, fairy tabs, mugs and more on Facebook and Twitter comps, as well as vouchers for my favourite stores, so I definitely recommend it.

If you're out and about, competitions are also featured on product promotions. Yeah, you have to buy something but it's worth it for the freebie!

I've seen people win cleaning bundles, vacuums, a year's supply of tea and loads more goodies.

You're not guaranteed to win anything like you are with a lot of freebies and samples, so it's definitely a case of entering as many free competitions as you can.

Good luck! I've got my fingers crossed for you.


free gumtree items

How to get free furniture & household stuff

Look at selling websites

If you're just starting out or have moved into a new home, then free household items will be a blessing. There are a number of ways you can get freebies, which include looking on sites like Gumtree, Preloved, Facebook groups and best of all, Freecycle.

People are giving away free stuff all the time on these sites! It really helps to act as quick as possible to avoid disappointment. If an item is free, people will jump on it so message the person as soon as you see the advert.

The most popular things you can pick up on there are things like:

  • Free Sofas and armchairs
  • Free Used appliances like fridges, freezers and washing machines
  • Free Spare parts, things for repairs
  • Free Plant Pots
  • Free Electrical stuff like laptops, coffee machines and so on

It sounds fantastic, right? As I said though, make sure you apply as soon as you see it!

Ask your friends & family

If you're after some free stuff for your home, why not ask around? Some of your friends and family might have things they're trying to get rid of. When we moved across the country, we were overwhelmed with how many people came forward and offered us free stuff for our new home. 

It's always worth asking because you never know what you will get. Don't forget to return the favour and offer some of your stuff to friends and family as well.

So there you have it, it's easy to get free household stuff - you just need to look in the right places!

Where do you get your free household stuff from? 

Collette xx