Double Stamp Tuesdays

MOD Pizza has made it's way across the ocean and has finally landed in the UK! MOD was founded in Seattle in 2008 and is loved by all for its super unique artisan-style pizzas and delicious salads.

MOD salads come with unlimited toppings, and the menu allows you to design your very own pizza - what more could you ask for?!

If that's not enough, their menu features an array of scrumptious milkshakes and iced teas - perfect for cleansing your palette in-between trips to the salad bar for more toppings.

MOD Pizza offers Double Stamp Tuesdays - every Tuesday you can pick up double the stamps on your loyalty card, and once you've collected 8 you will be entitled to a FREE pizza. Yum! If you're not feeling pizza at your next visit, you can grab a free salad instead.