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£5 Main Course for O2 Priority Members

Love Pizza Express?  If you're an 02 Priority customer, you're in luck!  They're giving you the chance to get one of their delicious Main Courses for a steal at £5, every single week!  What's more, you can even choose to use your voucher on Weekends - what could be better than that?

From mouthwatering, cheesy Pizzas to sumptuous and rich Al Forno one-pots, there are some delicious options to choose from.  If you're after something lighter, the salad section of the Menu should fit the bill nicely.  Fresh ingredients. and crunchy lettuce leaves are tossed in Pizza Expresses' own signature dressings to make these summery options a taste sensation!

Forget bringing a squished sandwich from home to work today - treat yourself and take advantage of this great offer now.  Just follow the link to get yours.