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Free Purina Gourmet Cat Food

Unfortunately, the offer you were looking for has now expired. Sorry!

The Insiders are looking for a whopping 1,000 cat owners and their moggies to take part in this product trial!

You'll receive a very generous full-sized pack of  free cat food. If selected, you'll need to choose from the following collections:

  • Gourmet® Gold
  • Gourmet® Solitaire
  • Gourmet® Perle
  • Gourmet® Mon Petit

Each collection has a variety of flavours to choose from, to suit the tastes of every cat.

In order to be considered for this free trial, you'll need to make sure you fit the following criteria:

  • You own 1-3 cats
  • Your cat is not on a strict diet
  • Your cat is not pregnant or nursing kittens
  • Your cat does not have sensitive digestion
  • Your cat is adult, aged 1-7 years

Apply now for the chance to receive free kitty food!