Free Moisturiser from Sakrid

We love Facebook sponsored posts for claiming freebies! Autumn can be tough on your skin, and often your skin can feel irritated, weathered and look aged. Why not try an all-natural solution for yourself, for free? 

UK Naturals are giving lucky Facebook users a chance to sample Sakrid's new Superfood Frenzy moisturiser or serum. Sakrid are committed to using all-natural, organic ingredients in their products, meaning skin can fully benefit from the nutrient-rich ingredients, without them preventing the natural function of the skin.

Being a sponsored post, there is no link for this one - you need to watch out for a sponsored post from UK Naturals on your news feed and click the 'Sign Up' button if you find it. Click our pink button to find out more, including what the sponsored post looks like as well as a link to UK Naturals's page. Good luck!