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Free Epaderm Cream

Sign up today to Talk Health's My Eczemachild Support Programme and you could be in the running to win one of 100 free samples of Epaderm Cream or Epaderm Junior Ointment.

Epaderm provides effective relief from the itchy, uncomfortable skin caused by eczema. Epaderm is perfect for use on children and teenager and can provide real comfort from this painful condition.

It's so easy to use too - all you do is run a thin layer over the affected area and start to feel better in no time.

Plus, the Talk Health Support Programme will provide you with 12 weeks of dedicated info in bite-size chunks that will help you learn how to manage eczema, plus an additional 4 weeks of material written specifically for children in the form of stories, hints and tips. There are a huge amount of topics covered including preparing for nursery/school, different types of eczema, practical information about triggers and general emollient advice.