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Free Cash Prizes from Dreamies

Dreamies is giving away amazing cash prizes right now, including 100 prizes of £100 and 5 prizes of £1,000!

You'll need a promotional pack of Dreamies to enter and any of these feline favourites will do:

  • Dreamies Chicken 60g
  • Dreamies Cheese 60g
  • Dreamies Tuna 60g
  • Dreamies Salmon 60g
  • Dreamies Beef 60g
  • Dreamies Duck 60g
  • Dreamies Turkey 60g

Once you have your promotional pack to hand, click our Claim Mine Now button and fill in the short entry form. Next, pop in the product code and then shake the golden egg to see if you've won a prize.

If you get this one we'd love it if you could share the good news with us on our special Facebook group (FREE STUFF, Comps & Bargains by Magic Freebies) - where you can also find lots of free stuff, comps and deals.

From £100-£1,000