Free Kids & Baby Toothpaste

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If you sign up to Brush-Baby's SmileStones Club, you'll be sent loads of amazing goodies, tips, tricks and advice for looking after your little one's pearly whites. You will be offered FREE samples of fab new products and you'll receive a free gift on your child's birthday.

Brush-Baby was founded by a mother and dentist duo who are passionate about combining a parent's knowledge with a dentist's expertise, to offer parents everywhere the advice they need when it comes to children's dental care.

Becoming a member will give you the top tips and free gifts that are perfect to suit your child, as Brush-Baby offers expertise from how to clean your new baby's gums, all the way through the toddler years to young kids learning to look after their teeth on their own.

Follow the link and click to sign up! Make sure you share this freebie with all your parent pals.