Free Aldi Christmas Dinner

Aldi is spreading the festive cheer and bringing together local communities by donating Christmas lunches to those in low-income areas across the UK.

Britain’s fourth-largest supermarket is working in partnership with Company Shop Group to provide free Christmas dinners at Community Shops in the run-up to Christmas.

Company Shop Group is the UK’s leading redistributor of surplus food and household products. Since the start of this year, Aldi has worked with Company Shop Group to manage surplus stock from all of its Regional Distribution Centres, which are then sold at discounted prices to members. Community Shop is the Group’s award-winning social enterprise, who provide deeply discounted food to low-income communities as well as life-changing development programmes.

Community Shop members will be given the opportunity to sign up for the three-course Christmas meal, with around 2,000 free places available. If you're interested in finding out more, hit the big pink button below.

For those struggling families or individuals