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Win a Halloween Horror Bundle

Unfortunately, the offer you were looking for has now expired. Sorry!

Smashbomb are a new reviews community who are dedicated to helping the consumer (that's you!) try out, and also read top reviews for anything and everything.

They also happen to run fab giveaways every month, and right now you can get your mitts on a spooky Halloween bundle! The lucky winner will receive the following items to make this occasion extra special:

  • A Blu-Ray copy of Hereditary
  • Stranger Things T-Shirt (in your chosen size)
  • A Blu-Ray copy of Halloween
  • Funko POP IT The Movie: Pennywise

This is the perfect competition for those who absolutely love a horror movie night with friends! You'll be able to order in, slip your Stranger Things tee on, and settle in to watch some absolute horror classics, as well as latest top horror, Hereditary.

Happy Halloween!

Expires: 31st Oct 2018