Strickland's Glen | County Down, Northern Ireland

Heading to Bangor soon? If you're looking for a free day out, Strickland Glen could be just the thing.

The wooded glen, which follows the Bryans Burn, a stream that runs from Connor Park into Smelt Mill Bay, is the perfect walk. You'll pass an array of enchanting waterfalls along the path, until you reach a beautiful cove at the end of the tree-lined walk.

The cove is situated along the North Down Coastal Path, the ideal place to extend your walk! Follow it towards Bangor to continue your journey all the way down to the jetty.

Strickland's Glen is not only the perfect, low-budget activity, but all that nature is bound to do you some good. Escape from the hustle and bustle for a while - take a trip to Strickland's Glen today. 

Concessions: Free entry