St Fagans Museum of History | Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff is home to one of Europe's leading open-air museums, St Fagans National Museum of History. It's a beautiful site, surrounded by the stunning St Fagans Castle and Gardens.

There is plenty to discover on-site, including many traditional crafts and activities. These take place in workshops, making the whole experience even more authentic.

St Fagans hosts many events throughout the year, including exciting festivals, music and dance events. Be sure to check out what's on before you visit - your trip to St Fagans could be even more special than you'd imagined!

Despite offering so much, admission is free for all the museum and grounds. It's a great, historical way to spend the day with the family, and won't cost you a single penny!

If you're in Wales soon, be sure to head to Cardiff's St Fagans Museum of History!

Concessions: Free entry