Natural History Museum | Tring, Hertfordshire

It's FREE entry to the Natural History Museum in Tring, Hertfordshire. Not only can you explore a plethora of intriguing and highly educational exhibits, but the building itself is stunning!

The Walter Rothschild building is named for Lord Rothschild, who was an ardent zoologist and he actually founded the museum. He is known for riding a zebra-drawn carriage!

There's plenty of fun for all the family at the museum - the kids can enjoy learning about dinosaurs and taking part in tonnes of workshops and activities.

On top of six whole free galleries to explore, there is also the Rothschild room. This room tells the story about the man behind the museum - the Victorian eccentric!

If you haven't been already, book a trip to Hertfordshire now as there's loads of fun free stuff to do with the family!

Concessions: Free entry