Mountsandel Fort | Derry, Northern Ireland

Just a short, 50-minute drive from Derry, Mountsandel Fort is based in the picturesque town of Coleraine. The surrounding Mountsandel Forest is extremely beautiful - the perfect setting for this interesting landmark.

The remains of Mountsandel Fort are seeped in history. They mark the earliest known hunter-gatherer settlements in Ireland, dating from before 7000BC.

Besides the Mountsandel Forest, which has many public footpaths to discover, the Fort itself is positioned on the edge of the river Bluff. This leads into the main River Bann, the longest river in Northern Island.

Mountsandel Fort and its surrounding are a great place to head with family. The kids will enjoy running down into the dip and back, whilst the adults soak up the stunning views. It's a great option for a cheap but fun day out.

Make sure you don't miss it on your next trip to Northern Island.

Concessions: Free entry