Ipswich Museum | Ipswich, Suffolk

This wonderful museum first opened in 1847. Museum lectures were then inaugurated in 1848 by Professor Henslow who was none other than Charles Darwin's mentor!

This museum is free to enter for all, and has so much to offer...

It didn't become a free entry museum until 1853 when the people of Ipswich voted to save it from closure and the Ipswich Corporation bought it.

Other than exploring the amazing features both inside and outside the building, you can also explore a wide array of museum exhibitions. There's everything from Natural Science, to Egyptology to social history!

Don't forget to take a look at The Ipswich Story Exhibition - this goes way back to the time when Ipswich would have just been a vast area of grassland inhabited by our stone tool-wielding ancestors and wild animals.

Concessions: Free entry