Bagenal's Castle | Newry, Northern Ireland

If you ever find yourself in Newry in Northern Ireland, why not stop by the Newry and Mourne Museum to see Bagenal's Castle?

This modest castle was a 16th century fortified house, along with an adjoining 19th century warehouse.

The restoration of the castle unearthed plenty of fascinating original features such as fireplaces, doorways, gun loops and bread ovens!

One of the highlights of this free venue, is the restored Banqueting Room - it's even still used for seasonal and family events all year round.

Check out the museum's wonderful prehistoric and Cistercian collections. Plus, there are two temporary exhibitions every year, so who knows what you might get to see when you plan your visit!

Book your trip now to see Newry and this wonderful piece of history!

Concessions: Free entry