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Want a Flat Stomach? Eat these foods!

Want a Flat Stomach? Eat these foods!

 Want a flat stomach? Read on...

The summer is coming and we all want that summer body. It's time to get eating the following:

This delicious fruit will help to ease bloating, relieve heartburn and settles your stomach. It's high in natural fruit sugars so will help to keep your sweet cravings under control.

Leafy Greens
Start eating a portion of leafy green vegetables with every meal. Spinach, Kale and romaine lettuce are all low in calories, full of fibre and will give you the vitamins and minerals you need to help ease water retention.

Known for its calming digestive properties, peppermint is a great food to include in your diet. The easiest way to get involved is to drink it in tea form. Pick up a box from your local supermarket and start drinking three cups a day. Your skin will thank you for it too!

Avocado soothes the digestive system after it is irritated by heat - it also contains potassium which helps regulate fluid balance and also can help to prevent constipation as it contains magnesium.

Packed full of A, B-complex, C and E vitamins, asparagus helps to remove excess fluids from your body. Why not grill them?

Get your zinc and fibre with a banana! The high levels of potassium in them will also help you relieve water retention.


Colleen x