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Waitrose demand outraged shoppers now pay for free tea & coffee - but SECRET loophole means drinks are still free


The supermarket giant has published a 'free tea and coffee etiquette' guide for those wanting free coffees.

Waitrose have made the decision to enforce new guidelines from 9th February, which ask myWaitrose loyalty card members to spend before they claim a free tea or coffee.

To get free tea or coffee in Waitrose cafes, members will be required to purchase a 'treat' such as a cake, biscuit, or piece of fruit.

But with a loosely worded etiquette guide, freebie fans could still be able to get their free tea and coffee by using the self-service machines.

myWaitrose loyalty card holders will be expected to 'shop with us a little (or a lot)', Waitrose said. 'Swipe your myWaitrose card at the till.'

So what does this really mean for avid freebie hunters and free coffee lovers?

The term 'shopping' could be interpreted as browsing, and as there is no mention of purchasing anything, myWaitrose members may still enjoy their free drink as long as they are seen to be shopping.

Tom Bryant, founder of Magic Freebies, said 'If you look in the terms and conditions, it states 'no purchase necessary' for the free hot drink.'

'It only states those myWaitrose members wanting to drink in the cafe will need to make a purchase'.

So it seems to get a free drink from the self service machines there is no purchase necessary - just 'shopping' - and for hot drinks consumed in the cafe, purchase is necessary.

Carrying a shopping bag and browsing could suffice as 'shopping'. Tom said 'Freebie hunters are extremely savvy and these guidelines are loose. I expect freebie fans will still try to get their free drinks and see whether anyone checks they've bought something in store.'

'My advice to anyone claiming their free drink from the cafe is to buy the lowest possible item and for anyone using the self service machine, keep a copy of the terms and conditions on you. Stores don't always have to honour offers, but it's definitely worth a try'.

So what if Waitrose change their terms and conditions and expect you to purchase for the self service machine too?

'If strict checks are put in place then I can imagine bargain hunters everywhere will be seeking out the cheapest items in store, like jelly sweets and discount bakery items, in order to spend the least amount possible.' said Tom.

For the time being, the drinks are still on Waitrose. 


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