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Treat Yourself Tuesday - free stuff from O2!


It's been a great day so far!

I've already re-named today "Treat Yourself Tuesday". Me and my fellow O2 Priority Moments members in the office are bouncing off the walls because we're so delighted with our free stuff.

One fast stroll into town and we've come back laden with riches:

  • 1 x Free Hot Drink from Caffe Nero
  • 1 x Hotel Chocolat 'Love Letter' Slab

You can choose which hot drink to get from Caffe Nero - I got a hot chocolate and others got a free latte.Don't forget, you can get a medium-sized drink as they've just changed their T&Cs.

While we were in Hotel Chocolat picking up our 'Love Letter' slab I managed to score two cheeky samples of their yummy Dark Salted Caramel Selectors. I'll certainly be buying a pack on my next visit, they were so tasty!

If you're on O2 then make sure you don't miss out on these goodies - go pick up your free stuff today.

Colleen xx