Top 5 Tips for Couponing


with Emma Mumford

Extreme Couponing and Deals UK was started back in August 2013 by Emma Mumford now known as Coupon Queen. 50,000 followers later Emma has recently launched her already successful website which is an add-on to the Facebook page. Emma started couponing in her hour of need and now dedicates her time to helping others save money. The 20yr old has managed to get herself out of 8k debt left by her ex and is finally back on track. Today she is sharing with you all her top tips on how to save with Couponing!

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Be Organised

Many people say that Couponing takes time and effort so many people don’t bother. The key is stay organised once you are it really is that simple! Keeping up to date with couponing websites like and are great also on my website I keep an up to date complete coupon list if you don’t want to do the leg work. You can also get coupons from Magazines, Newspapers and even In store in monthly Supermarket magazines.

Get Loyalty Cards

Nectar cards are great also Tesco Club card I get so many coupons weekly from them including the Price Promise one’s which are always a help. Stores like Boots and Superdrug also do loyalty cards which send out coupons quarterly as well as points to spend in store.

Write to Manufactures

Another tip many are missing are complimenting manufactures for coupons. I often do it and have great success. Write a genuine compliment and even a mini review companies love it as its free market research and often will send coupons as a goodwill gesture. You will get Thank you emails with no coupons so just keep trying you will get them eventually. I have a full how to guide on my blog!

Know your Coupon T&C’s

The wording can sometimes be very confusing and most cashiers aren’t educated on the T&C’s so you need to be! Most say one per purchase which does NOT mean one per transaction or customer it means one per item so if you by two Colgate Toothpaste’s with two coupons that is okay. If it says on per person, household or transaction then you can only use once regardless of the quantity. If the value of the coupon i.e. £5 is higher than the product £4.50 then you have what I call Overage which means you have 50p more to spend on your shop!

Double them up!

Many people think you can’t double up Coupons like in the USA but you really can! As long as the T&C’s are correct. For instance if I had a Tesco Clubcard coupon for £1 off Coca-Cola then I had another £1 Coupon from a magazine and a further £1 from the manufactures that means I would have a total of £3 to get off Coca Cola. So keep an eye out for coupons you never know when one might arise! I have binder which categorises all my coupons so I know exactly what I’m buying and which coupon to use it saves so much hassle at the checkout.

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