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The 5 worst lunches you can eat

The 5 worst lunches you can eat

What do you have for lunch today?

We've all done it - sometimes at lunch it's easier to eat convenient meals, rather than taking the time to prepare yourself some healthy delicious lunch at home. These are five of the worst lunches you can eat, as well as reasons why.

Fast Food Burger & Fries
It may be quick and easy but the excess bacon, condiments, cheese and fries are not friends with your heart. Fries can very hard to digest and will drain you and ruin your work productivity.

Baked potato
The jacket is a delicious lunch... but its high glycemic index will cause you to feel sleepy when eaten. This is because of the quick spike in blood sugar, which after eating, can quickly drop, leaving you feeling mentally and physically drained.

Bagels can raise your blood sugar level quickly and cause you to crash, just like the baked potato. They also tend to come in a large size, which is unnecessary for lunch.

Pre-made Sandwiches
I'm guilty of buying these sandwiches more than twice a week. You can easily taste the difference between pre-made sandwiches and the ones you make at home. The former are packed with unhealthy fats, sweeteners, additives and unhealthy preservatives which have helped keep the sandwich intact. If you do want a sandwich then either make them at home or head to a shop that makes them in front of you. It might take you a little extra time, but you are making a healthier choice.

Energy bars
Make no mistake, these energy bars are just sugary treats. You'll be hungry again soon after eating them - if you do need to eat an energy bar, opt for a whole grain bar which has plenty of fiber and no white sugar or flour.


Colleen x