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Teapigs Review: From Chilli Chai to Popcorn Tea!

Teapigs Review: From Chilli Chai to Popcorn Tea!

Regular blog readers will know  we love a good cup of char here at MagicFreebiesUK so when teapigs sent us some of their delicious teas to try we were very excited.

The morning the tea arrived we all gathered around to ooh and ahh over the immense selection. We’re already big fans of their everyday brew and a few of their herbals but we had no idea just how many different varieties were available.

From Chilli Chai to Popcorn there were all kinds of exciting flavours and not a dusty teabag in sight! They all smelt so fresh and even the bags - or tea temples as they are lovingly referred to by teapigs - were high quality and biodegradable.

The healthy team members went straight for the Lemongrass and Silver Tip White whilst the rest bee-lined towards the fantastical-sounding Chocolate Flake tea.

We've all been in our element trying them all out and it's safe to say it's been a pretty tea-tastic week here at MF HQ. Here's what happened...

I rekindled my love of Sausage Dogs and Darjeeling.

“Having dabbled with Darjeeling Earl Grey before I was expecting a strong taste but this wasn’t at all overpowering. Full of flavour yet easy to drink. The blue cornflowers were a nice touch and I LOVE the little sausage dog packaging”.

Tom discovered a decent Lemongrass tea.

“As a fan of Lemongrass I had high hopes for this. It didn’t disappoint - it was light and refreshing. Really nice compared to other brands' versions – I’ll be stocking up” .

Rachel craved Popcorn.

“The Popcorn tea smelt just like popcorn but tasted of green tea. There was also a distinct taste of rice crackers in there. In a nutshell, it made me really want to eat popcorn”.

Oosh rated Mao Feng Green tea.

“I’d drink Mao Feng again, it had a lot more flavour to it than my usual green tea of choice. Surprisingly not bitter to taste but slightly sweet. 4 out 5”.

John tried Liquorice tea for the first time.

“I don’t overly like liquorice or tea, but to my surprise I was made a ‘Liquorice flavoured tea’…while it has not changed my opinion on either, it was nice all the same”.

Colleen went crazy for Chilli Chai.

"Before my lips touched the mug my nose was fully aware I was in for a delicious treat. Having requested a "surprise" teapigs tea, I was both happy and amused - I already drink chai fairly regularly - but never Chilli Chai and I quickly became the world's biggest fan”.

Mark pondered Peppermint.

Peppermint Leaves - compared to other mint teas, this has a more refined flavour. It somehow avoids the bitterness sometimes found in a minty brew. The second best after fresh mint”.

If you'd like to try some delicious teas then skip over to the teapigs website and pick a brew. There are over 26 teapigs varieties to choose from and they'll even suggest a tea depending on your mood! If you work in an office then become a teapigs office fairy and you could land even yourself and your colleagues some free tea.

I've also been experimenting with teapigs Organic Macha tea, a super concentrated green tea powder packed with antioxidants (one cup is the equivelent to 15 cups of regular green tea!) and making lots of treats so watch this space for a review.

Anushka x