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Save money with a free Belo & Me lunch bag


Take your lunch into work or college and save yourself up to £25 a week!

Belo & Me have got a great range of canvas bags, and this month you can enter to win 1 of 50 free lunch bags

These handy bags are fantastic for toting your food around in (and avoiding those shop-bought lunches!), and that's exactly what I did last week. I usually flit between buying from the usual supermarket suspects and bringing in my own lunches. But last week I set myself the challenge of only eating 'leftover lunches' - made from the previous night's dinner.

Armed with tuppaware and a free Belo & Me Lunch Bag, I planned my dinners in advance and made a little bit extra every night so I had a good size portion for lunch the next day.

When lunch time hits I tend to crave something warm and hearty, and as we fall into Autumn those sandwiches and cold pasta don't quite hit the spot. So last week I made chilli and rice, noodles, and a bean stew.

Taking in my own lunch made all the difference to my week, I didn't waste my lunch-break staring aimlessly at the lunch aisle for one! It was nice to tuck into a warm home-cooked lunch and I didn't feel hungry at 4pm like I usually do with salt-ladden shop sarnies.

At the end of the week I worked out I saved myself over £25. According to research from Daily Mail, the average worker spends an incredible £90,000 on lunch in their lifetime. That sounds insane but I can imagine it all adding up over time.

Sometimes I don't find the time to cook in the evening or I'm running late in the morning so I don't get a chance to bring in my lunch, but I'm going to try to stick with it. Home cooked lunch that's warm and delicious, and only costs a wee bit extra when making the extra portion at home - it's a complete no brainer!

Plus, I get to use my ever so cute Belo & Me Lunch Bag. It's the perfect size to fit my tuppaware boxes in and they're made out of a good hard-wearing material. These affordable bags come in loads of cute designs and colours, making them great for both adults and kids. They'll also make great Christmas gifts! Take a look now and don't forget to enter to win 1 of 50 free Belo & Me lunch bags.

I'm off to heat up last night's lasagne...

Anushka x 

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